Hi All,

Thanks for the input...

As Andrew puts it, I'm not sold on this either.

However, when I see the plethora of ways we currently test to see if a
variable is undefined:

    typeof example == 'undefined'
    example === undefined
    example == undefined (is that correct btw?)

I'm sure there's something we could do about this.

So there's another proposition I just though of, introducing the "is"

    var is = {
      undefined: function(object) {
        return object === undefined;

      defined: function(object) {
        return object !== undefined;

      array: function(object) {
        return typeof object == 'object' && object.constructor ==

     element: function(object) {
       return object.ownerDocument || object == window;

Which could be used like this:

  if(is.array(example)) // do something

  example = is.undefined(example) ? null : example;

  example = is.defined(example) ? example : null;

Would this be a better idea?

Again, I'm just thinking out loud here, so any suggestions are


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