Hi Colin...

You know, this *is* an open-source project... i.e. we don't always
have the time...

So please don't take the lack of answers personally.

Honestly, I haven't followed the toQueryString debate myself to
closely... so I can't really voice an opinion.

Regarding nested arrays and the like, why not use the toJSON methods
for those, BTW ?

I've built these so we could easily serialize DOM elements using them
like so:

Element.addMethods('input', {
  toJSON: function(element) {
    element = $(element);
    return Object.toJSON(element.name) + ': '

and then:

Element.addMethods('form', {
  toJSON: function(element) {
    return '{' + $(element).getElements().each(Object.toJSON).join(',
') + '}';

The above's untested - obviously - just an idea of what I had in mind.



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