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> Do we support multiple mixins as
> in Dojo?  How do I invoke constructors of these mixins?

There is no sense to invoke constructor of mixins (in Dojo is not
invoked too):

How to support mixins in Prototype? Goo question.
We can define this function:

Object.provide = function(dst, src) {
    for (var key in src)
        if ( !(key in dst) )
            dst[key] = src[key];
    return dst;

so we will be able to do this:

Object.provide(MyClass.prototype, Enumerable);

But Enumerable is not a Class. So consider this function too:

Function.prototype.mixin = function() {
    for (var i = 0, arg; i < arguments.length; ++i) {
        arg = arguments[i];
        if (typeof arg == 'function') {
            Object.provide(this, arg); //static methods too?
            Object.provide(this.prototype, arg.prototype);
        } else {
            Object.provide(this.prototype, arg);
    return this;

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