Andrew, thanks for positive words about scripteka!

I talked to Mislav earlier and the main reason for not mentioning it
on a blog seemed to be 1.6 incompatibility issues.
I manually input all of the 75+ extensions into a DB and have
obviously read through all the descriptions.
You will be surprised how vigorously script authors took 1.6 as a
requirement - since the site went live (same day as 1.6 release), 10
out of 16 new submissions were 1.6 compatible.

Having said that, I like useful core additions, but it gets annoying
to hear people (who have never heard of server compression) whining
about 120K+ size (putting jQuery in comparison).
The problem with custom methods are quality and test coverage. I don't
mind downloading custom include/require, as long as it's fast and

Unfortunately, too many authors could care less about writing unit
tests, so we end up writing our own stuff (
Some time ago, I had an idea of creating a repository of such small
snippets of code.
Snippets which would come with tests and documentation.

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