I'm a long time prototype.js user, and while I very much appreciate
the software I (along with others) have had some frustrations with the
infrequency of bugfix releases.  As one example, it has been over four
months since the release, and during that time dom:loaded has
had problems on IE6 (lighthouse issue #127) despite the fact that a
fix has been available since shortly after came out.  While
it's easy enough to grab the bugfix from the issue tracker or GIT for
these sorts of issues, I think it might be beneficial to understand
the reasons why bugfix releases are so infrequent and if there is
anything the community can do to help speed up the process, such as
testing.  Is it beneficial to add lighthouse comments indicating "this
works for me and fixes the issue", or to add posts to this group
indicating tickets that might be seen as higher priority?  Is there
anything else that prototype.js users can do?

After came out there was a blog post ("growing the community")
that indicated more frequent releases were a goal:

"This means, among other things, that we’re planning to move away from
a “when it’s ready” release schedule. Instead, we’ll move toward one
in which there are several releases per year; whatever is ready in
time for a given release will go in, and whatever is not will have to
wait. That applies to bug fixes and features alike. Eight months
between releases just won’t work."

Moving to a schedule in which bugs were fixed more quickly would be a
huge benefit, so please share any way that users might be able to help
make that happen.

Ryan Holliday
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