On Feb 3, 11:46 am, Ryan H <ryan.holli...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm simply trying to find out if it's a conscious decision of the core
> team to release infrequently (the "growing the community" post I
> quoted indicates the opposite), if there is something that makes
> releases difficult (such as lack of testing) that the community can
> help out with, or if there are other issues.

Main reason is lack of time. There are only 3 (somewhat) active core
developers at the moment - me, Andrew and Tobie. There's also T.J
Crowder whose help with documentation can not be underestimated. Only
Andrew and Tobie have commit rights. Everyone has been pretty busy
lately, but all of us have been working on prototype-related stuff.
Tobie is working with Google folks on integrating prototype.js with
Caja (as well as revamping unit test suite), Andrew has been preparing
some stuff for upcoming 1.6.1 - events system reorganization, element
storage, etc. I have just finished patching prototype.js to work with
IE8 (and then there's moderation of bugtracking, sorting out reported
bugs, making patches/tests, etc.)

Having commit-ready (tested) patches is a great help. Clearly stating
the problem, making a patch, tests and mentioning which browsers it
has been tested on is very helpful (doing any one of these steps is
appreciated too, of course :) )

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