2009/2/3 Yanick <yanick.roc...@gmail.com>:
> On Feb 2, 4:07 pm, Richard Quadling <rquadl...@googlemail.com> wrote:
>> 2009/2/2 Andrew Kaspick <akasp...@gmail.com>:
>> > The dom:loaded bug is critical as far as I'm concerned and should have
>> > warranted a bug fix release right away.  Lack of updates is definitely
>> > turning out to be a sore spot with Prototype unfortunately.
>> > On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 10:28 AM, Ryan H <ryan.holli...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> >> [snip]
>> >> After came out there was a blog post ("growing the community")
>> >> that indicated more frequent releases were a goal:
>> >> [snip]
>> >> Ryan Holliday
>> [snip]
>> I always thought this is supposed to be a community product. It
>> doesn't really feel like one.
>> Richard.
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>> Richard Quadling
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>> "Standing on the shoulders of some very clever giants!"
> Hi,
> Well, Richard, as a Zend Certified Engineer, I am a fan of the Zend
> framework myself, why isn't there a Prototype integration in ZF? That
> could help leap foreword Prototype dev, no? Just a thought...
> To the OP (and the others) :
> As far as I'm concerned, and reading the spinoff newsgroup and this
> one for a while now, it is clear that Prototype should simply be a
> core library, and should absolutely not be bloated by extra user-
> specific-cased scenarios. Therefore It is normal that, at some point,
> it would lean toward reaching the end of it's logarithmic expansion,
> thus having fewer releases. I would hate to see it piled with features
> that do not apply to my project, at least not without being able to
> "compile" a personalized version (like Mootools).
> Script.aculo.us (http://script.aculo.us/) is one project to extend
> Prototype.
> Prototype UI (http://prototype-ui.com/) is another one (still at an
> infant stage)
> Prototype.js extension library (http://scripteka.com/) is another...
> etc.
> My point is that, to actively create a community, there should be
> projects out there contributing in the growth of the library by using
> it and sharing it's use back to the community. I am sure that there
> are plans to improve the core, but I seriously think that it's time to
> actually focus on extension projects too. Perhaps have them listed (or
> even hosted) on the prototypejs.org (?)
> Finally, Andrew did write an answer to that here (http://
> www.prototypejs.org/2008/10/7/growing-the-community), so I assume that
> after all these complaining are done, and after the migration process
> is completely over, new candidates will surely be available at a more
> frequent rate.
> As JFK as said (paraphrased), don't ask what the community can do for
> you, but what you can do for the community.
> This was my humbe opinion anyway.
> >

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Richard Quadling
Zend Certified Engineer : http://zend.com/zce.php?c=ZEND002498&r=213474731
"Standing on the shoulders of some very clever giants!"

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