Http.get(uri, options) and, options).


options = {
  headers: {},
  parameters: {},
  body: '',
  onSuccess: function(response) {},
  onFailure: function(response) {},
  onTimeout: function(response) {}


response = {
  status: Integer,
  headers: {},
  body: ''

Static methods: 'Http.get(uri, options)' as opposed to 'new Http.Get
(uri, options)'. The developer must explicitly set 'X-HTTP-Method-
Override' header or '_method' parameters or whatever he or she wants
to use to signal an unsupported method such as 'PUT' and
'DELETE' (depending on the capability of the server). The developer
must explicitly parse response.body. The Http object must be merely a
cross-browser wrapper for XMLHttpRequest and must not take on too much
responsibility or make assumptions on behalf of the developer, e.g.
with respect to JSON parsing etc.

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