The interface of the Ajax.Request object has a few problems:

1. Too many implicit defaults (Accept, Content-Type, charset etc).
2. Does not model the interface of HTTP.
3. 'requestHeaders' are provided as an option, 'encoding' as an
option, 'contentType' as an option, when 'encoding' should be
specified as 'charset' as part of the 'Content-Type' header which
should be a subset of 'requestHeaders'.
4. If the request headers are provided as 'requestHeaders' then the
request body needs to be provided as 'requestBody' not as 'postBody'.
REST concepts such as method, uri, headers, parameters, representation
should not be fused (e.g. 'XMLHttpRequest' which fuses the content
type and the protocol, or 'postBody' which fuses the method and the
5. 'requestHeaders' smells.
6. For method overriding, the 'X-Http-Method-Override' header would be
better than the '_method' parameter.
7. It's not memorable. One has to keep looking up the Ajax options in
the documentation (and where things get implicit, in the

Here's a better (and more memorable) interface:

Http.get/set/unset(uri, options) where 'options' has the following
properties: 'headers', 'parameters', 'representation', onSuccess,
'onTimeout', 'onFailure', and where the response object passed to the
callbacks has the following properties: 'status', 'headers',

Http.delete can't be used as 'delete' is a reserved word. Http.set
does a POST with the 'X-Http-Method-Override' header set to 'PUT' so
as to be idempotent where the server supports PUT. Http.unset does a
POST with the 'X-Http-Method-Override' header set to 'DELETE'.

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