We have to use IE because of its tight integration with all of
Microsoft products - I do develop office products

On 17 дек, 19:51, Walter Lee Davis <wa...@wdstudio.com> wrote:
> On Dec 17, 2008, at 12:33 PM, buda wrote:
> > I can't to verify HTML because it dynamic and I dont use quirk mode
> > knowingly - because so called strict or other modes dont let me to
> > make my design, so do Microsoft in its CRM web app
> You can, actually. View it in a browser, view source, copy, and paste  
> here: <http://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_input>
> And if you follow Microsoft or their CRM app, it's only over a cliff  
> you go! I used to work at a large Web house where we did a large  
> business fixing installations of that app so that it was accessible  
> and worked in anything besides IE. It was not easy at all.
> Walter
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