Don't you think that's the tail wagging the dog? The standards are  
there so that ALL the browser manufacturers can follow them, not the  
other way around. We already suffered through what happens when each  
browser manufacturer goes his or her own way -- I actually do remember  
making multiple versions of a site and browser sniffing with a great  
deal of loathing. This notion that "if it doesn't look the way IE does  
it then it must be wrong" is just so completely realpolitik (not to  
mention self-destructive) that it boggles the mind.


On Dec 17, 2008, at 1:56 PM, buda wrote:

> It would be great if strict and others specificacions are so perfect
> to render such laouts with HTML&css like IE do in quirk mode - I will
> the first who throw away IE ))

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