> What this all means is that these 2 expressions are functionally
> identical (considering that they are called from within the same
> execution context):
> myElement.observe('click', onClick.bind(this));
> myElement.observe('click', onClick.bindAsEventListener(this));

FWIW, this was not always true in prototype, which is likely where the
confusion comes from. .bindAsEventListener, once upon a time, _was_ required
with .observe() - back before elements returned from $() did not get
.observe() attached to them (when "Event.observe(el, evtName, func);" was
the only way to use .observe);

I agree, of course, that it is hardly ever needed now, but the fact that you
identified a case where it _is_ needed (or desirable), kind of points
towards keeping it in the API. It's not really doing any harm.

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