First, some disclaimers. I'm a novice JS/Prototype programmer.
Embedded firmware is a different story....

There's a very cool feature supported by all the major browsers that
has no name as far as I know.
Turning the scroll wheel on the mouse while holding down the control
key on the keyboard will "enlarge/shrink" the entire document image
displayed in the window with focus.

This is a highly useful feature, I would love to add some "widgets"
type icons (magnifier glasses with a + and -) on my site that allows
people to rescale the document image using it. It would very intuitive
(just click the +magnifier icon to make it bigger and visa versa).

The reason this is a better approach is 2-fold: (1) most people don't
know that browsers support this feature and (2) a lot of people still
don't have a mouse with a scroll wheel even when they do.

I know that custom events can be created in JS that simulate mouse and
key events. Prototype also has some support but I'm not sure if it
includes creating mouse and key events.

In any case, I can't find any reference that defines what the syntax
would be for these 2 events (a. control key down; b. scroll wheel

Any help would be much appreciated!

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