@T.J. Crowder,

Thanks. It works a little different on Safari, probably b/c it's the
Mac default browser. It does enlarge/shrink the image but not
everything - looks like it's just effecting the text font size. It's a
complete zoom function on Opera.

@Radoslav Stankov,

Thank you! I think your patch will probably get it done. But it
doesn't appear to be in the version of Prototype my platform is
currently using (1.6.1_rc2), and not even the latest stable verison

How would one go about using your patch in this case?

Also, do you know which "mouse event" I would use in the call that
corresponds to a movement of the mouse's scroll wheel?
Is this as easy as setting "ctrlKey=true" in the call, for the right
mouse type event?

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