Hi folks,

As many of you know, we've had an unofficial Prototype &
script.aculo.us wiki for about 18 months:

I have a question for the community, but first a preamble.


In the last year (more, actually), there's been precisely one edit by
someone other than me. :-) (Doug Reeder added an on0 handler to the
bulletproof ajax page.) I wrote the vast majority of the articles and
have been very nearly the only person maintaining them, not that
there's been a lot to do on that front. (Don't get the impression I
mind; I don't.) This suggests to me that -

1. We don't need a wiki


2. We do, but it's too hard to contribute to that one because you have
to request access and wait for it to be granted

As a side note: Tobie and the core team are working on moving the main
Prototype website to GitHub (don't worry, the URL doesn't change) from
the current CMS it's on (Mephisto), and Tobie says that it will be a
lot easier for people to contribute official content to the website
once that's done.


Do we need a wiki with user-generated content? Or should we just move
all of the relevant content to the Prototype website and make sure the
process for contributing to the website is well-publicized, easy, and

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Consultant
tj / crowder software / com

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