> T.J. Crowder:
> Question:
> Do we need a wiki with user-generated content?

  We should:
> just move all of the relevant content to the Prototype website and make sure 
> the
> process for contributing to the website is well-publicized, easy, and
> efficient

I think the site needs an integrated contribution system for Prototype
Extensions, better than jQuery's(http://plugins.jquery.com/). It would
be great if the extensions and the patch submission system shared a
contribution system. Some want something easier than learning git,
rake, lighthouse, etc.,  in order to contribute; maybe a web front-end
to whichever code is in place, to lower the barrier to contributing.
User generated code and examples could be posted & maintained right on
the site with (Prototype Friendly) syntax highlighting.

Rico 2.0  has lots of goodies[1], so does Scriptaculous, it would be
awesome to sync all these projects up, make the components modular
with clear a dependance scheme, especially when considering the future
of the library.

[1] http://openrico.sourceforge.net/examples/index.html

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