2010/8/23 Jacek Śliwerski <sliw...@googlemail.com>:
> I have implemented stemming in Open-Tran.  The following languages are
> supported through Snowball stemmers from NLTK: Danish, German,
> Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian,
> Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Swedish.  English is supported
> through Porter stemmer.
> You won't see any improvements yet.  The new import process is
> scheduled to execute in 6 or 7 hours and will import the phrases with
> stemmed words.  However, the search engine does not stem the input
> yet.  If the import process completes without errors, you will see
> degraded responses tomorrow morning.
> I've got a question: does it make sense to use Spanish stemmer for
> Catalan?  How about Portuguese for Galician?

I don't really know about this. I'll forward this message to the
galician free software localization mailing list.
Proxecto mailing list

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