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Hello, it has been quite a while since the last update of the
transvision glossary. I'm happy to share the new version with you.

The transvision glossary is a web tool that permits you to search in
the en-US or other language for words/sentences/entities and give you
the en-US/locale correspondance. It can be usefull to know how your
team has translated some words or to search for mistakes.

You can also find somme old information on the babelzilla blog posts : and


There is also a web-service witch return a json file instead of an html page :

To use it, you have to pass the argument directly on the url like it
is done on the regular glossary (look at the url after a search) :

Will become in the web-service :


New in this version :

   new and unique url :
   you can search in the Release, Beta, Aurora and Trunk repositories
   You can switch your language directly on the web page
   the tmx files used in this version are available at :


Behind the scene, the Release and Beta en-US repositories comes
directly from, the Aurora and Trunk repositories comes
from the (thanks to them for the work). The
repositories, the TMX files and the glossary are updated each night at
2.00AM (UT+2).

The code is in the hg repo :


What is removed for now :

   doublon/duplicate script (I'll try to re-add it latter)
   Alignment script, I'll try to re-add it directly on the same page
via an option and are now
innactive (I don't think a lot of people used it anyway).


The future of this tool :

   re-add alignment on the same page
   add a term to term automatic glossary
   re-add the duplicate search script
   treat the html in the glossary correctly
   if there is a popular demand, compare not only the en-US to a
locale, but also between locales (usefull for language with more than
one locale?).


Feel free to contact me (on this thread or by email) if you find any
error/bug or if you think there is a feature missing.

As usual, I'm not an html guru and a good designer, if someone feels
that he can improve the design, go ahead :) That's true also for the

Best regards Philippe
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