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Subject: Re: Capitalization rules
List-Post: proxecto@trasno.net
Date: Domingo 06 Xullo 2008 08:11
From: Maciej Pilichowski <bluedz...@wp.pl>
To: KDE Usability Project <kde-usabil...@kde.org>


> > some volunteer
> > translators argue that using header capitalization quicken the
> > recognition of the meaning of the text.
> How so?

Well, text written in small caps
like this one
is the best way to achieve fast recognition of letters. Text written
in big caps
draws attention. So when you write text
Using Capitalization Of The First Letters
you get two advantages: very good letter recognition, very good
sentence segmentation.

> > Could someone advise us on this delicate doubt?
> It's just an English convention. If it is not used in Galician,
> ignore it.

You probably rely on newspapers, magazines, and such. In Polish
(another latin-based language) Header Capitalization is very rare,
but Header Capitalization is very good method to improve readability
of one-liners, why not to use it?

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