dependendo do contexto:

W3 v [T] 
1 to make a problem or subject easy to notice so that people pay attention to 
it: --Your resume should highlight your skills and achievements.// 
>> resaltar, poñer de relevancia, destacar
2 to mark written words with a special coloured pen, or in a different colour 
on a computer: --Use the cursor to highlight the name of the document you want 
to print.//
>> subliñar
3 to make some parts of your hair a lighter colour than the rest: -- 
highlighting n [U] //
>> va, esta non interesa, LOL
highlight 2 n 
1 [C] the most important, interesting, or enjoyable part of something such as 
a holiday, performance, or sports competition: highlight of// --That weekend 
in Venice was definitely the highlight of our trip.// highlight from// --At
30 we'll be showing highlights from the Third Round of the FA Cup.//
>> o destacable, o relevante, importante
2 highlights [plural] areas of hair that have been made a lighter colour than 
the rest:
3 [C] technical a light bright area on a painting or photograph:
>> iluminar (como verbo) ilmunicación, áreas claras, áreas iluminadas...

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