>> Preciso unha tradución para a palabra "hook", co significado
>> «A software or hardware feature included in order to simplify later additions
>> or changes by a user.»
>> «The term "user exit" is synonymous but much more formal and less hackish.»
>> Fáiseme que "enganche"(o que estou a empregar) ou "colgadoiro" non se lle 
>> aveñen.
> éche complicada!. o mellor que se me ocorre é 'áncora' ou 'ancoraxe'.

"In programming, instructions that provide breakpoints for future
expansion. Hooks may be changed to call some outside routine or
function or may be places where additional processing is added."

"In programming, a hook is a place and usually an interface provided
in packaged code that allows a programmer to insert customized
programming. For example, a programmer might want to provide code that
analyzed how often a particular logic path was taken within a program.
Or a progammer might want to insert an additional capability.
Typically, hooks are provided for a stated purpose and are documented
for the programmer. Some writers use hook to also mean the program
that gets inserted."


Para complicalo aínda máis parece que ten certa relación con
"callback". A páxina da Wikipedia é bastante explicativa. Pero só se
me ocorre "punto de expansión"...

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