Ola rapaces,

informo de que as traducións do GNOME 2.30 e moitos aplicativos dos
extras están completos e remitidos ao repositorio. Grazas aos que
remitistedes ficheiros desde Launchpad e/ou directamente en Dammed Lies,
sobre todo a Méixome pola axuda na revisión.

Ben, ditos os agradecementos, comento que os ficheiros que pertencen ao
Translation Project (
http://l10n.gnome.org/languages/gl/freedesktop-org/ui/) non están
remitidos xa que débense remitir a dito proxecto, punto no que as miñas
"competencias" non entran. Sei que algún de vós estades ou sabedes dos
que aló están como coordinadores polo que pregaría que os remitírades.

Anexo a mensaxe que me remitiu un dos encargados de GNOME, onde non fala
moi ben da xestión que levan por empregar un robot.

Informádeme do que haxa para sacarlle a marca de "To commit" en Dammed
Lies, e arquivar os cambios.


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Asunto:         Re: Please commit Galician (gl) translations
Data:   Fri, 05 Mar 2010 19:37:46 +0100
De:     Mario Blättermann <mari...@gnome.org>
Para:   gnome-i...@gnome.org

Am Freitag, den 05.03.2010, 18:37 +0100 schrieb Fran Dieguez:
> > As far as I can see, Antón Méixome is a TP member, he should know what
> > to do.
> Ok, i'll contact with him to commit this to TP
> >
To commit is simply impossible. The Translation project doesn't follow
usual rules for translation workflow. You have to own a module (in fact,
for lifetime!). First you have to write to
coordinator@translationproject org to claim a module. Then you translate
the po file. After that, you send your file to a »robot«, let's say to a
quite stupid robot. He doesn't accept such important mistakes in the
file like a wrong version number in "Project-Id-Version:" (who the fuck
needs this?) and he grumbles when he has to accept files whose rows are
shrinked to 80 characters for better readability by using the well-known
»msgcat -w 80« command. The current translator's name *must* be the last
one in the file header. After you sent the file with such changes again
and again, the file will be accepted, and sent to the real software

The described process may take a while, be patient. As I have translated
xkeybordconfig, it was approx. 2 months from my first posting to the
mailing list to a successful commit.

Besides this, the translators are »lonely cowboys«. They get their files
from the robot, and they send them back to the robot. There is no tool
like Vertimus between, for proofreading and discussions. And especially
the German mailing list rests in peace, only robot messages...

Unfortunately, that's the one and only way to submit translations for
the GStreamer modules and Xkeybordconfig.

Have fun!


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