2010/6/22 Leandro Regueiro <leandro.regueiro en gmail.com>:
>>> In this case, it may well make sense to move the lookups for
>>> es/gl/ca/ca_valencia and maybe even pt to a server in Spain. I know that the
>>> Junta de Extremadura in Spain provides hosting for the Pootle servers for
>>> Pootle (pootle.locamotion.org) and Debian (pootle.debian.net) - perhaps they
>>> could be convinced to provide something like the Estonians have done for
>>> open-tran.eu? I don't know who the appropriate contact person at the Junta
>>> de Extremadura might be - perhaps somebody at translate.org.za could suggest
>>> someone to contact?

Vistos os problemas que houbo en Debian para ter activo o l10n.debian,
mellor pasar da xunta de Estremadura.

>> In Trasno project we are discusing the posibility of hosting the
>> galician server.
> Ola, montamos ao final unha instancia propia do open-tran para que non
> estea caído cada dous por tres?

Voto que si.

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