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From: Albert Astals Cid <aa...@kde.org>
Date: 2012/7/9
Subject: [IMPORTANT] Preparing for 4.9  (third nag)
To: KDE i18n-doc <kde-i18n-...@kde.org>

Hi all, the hard message freeze for 4.9 has been in place for two weeks, this
means messages should be stable now (unless we find untranslatable
messages) in all KDE SC released modules.

As always http://l10n.kde.org/stats/gui/trunk-kde4/essential/ defines if your
language is to be released with 4.9 or not.

According to http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.9_Release_Schedule the
4.9 tag day is 25th of July (around 2 weeks from now) so you
should have things commited by 24th of July or earlier so scripty has the
chance to merge .desktop files back.

The following teams were in KDE 4.8 but at the moment don't meet the release
criteria, the list has the team code and the messages missing to be translated
to meet the release criteria

id - 222
nn -   3
si -  20

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