«spindown» e/ou «spin down»
Alguén ten unha alternativa mellor que «reducir|diminuir rotación» ?

Aínda que teño este caso en OpenMediaVault, isto é o mellor que atopei para
entender de que falamos


Spindown is a daemon that can spindown idle disks and so saving energy and
giving the disks a longer lifetime. It works by checking how many blocks
are read and written from the disks. When no blocks are read or written the
disk is idle. When a disk stays idle long enough spindown uses sg_start to
spin the disk down. It also works with usb disks and hotswappable disks
because it doesn't watch the device name (hda, sdb, ...), but the device
id. This means that it doesn't matter if the disk is swapped while the
deamon is running.
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