On 25.05.2016 16:27, Matthew Dixon Cowles wrote:
> Marc-Andre,
>> the board has just approved an amendment of the PSF bylaws to
>> remove the sponsor membership category.
> That seems like a big enough change to me that I'm surprised that he
> membership wasn't consulted. Can you tell me the thinking behind that?

We did consult the existing sponsor members before implementing
the change. None of them opposed the move.

As I mentioned in the email, the main purpose is to simplify
sponsor signup. Sponsors will no longer have to wait for the
next members vote to sign up, we don't have to run extra votes
every time we have a few signups and the decision to accept
sponsors is moved into a WG which is much easier to get involved
in as PSF member than having to run for board.

Overall, the PSF is moving more and more in the direction of
trying to engage our members in the operations of the PSF.
We're doing this by opening up WGs with targeted scope and
so far, it's working well:


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