On 25.05.2016 17:20, Matthew Dixon Cowles wrote:
> Marc-Andre,
>> We did consult the existing sponsor members
> I'm sorry. perhaps I should have said: I'm surprised that the board
> didn't consult the non-sponsor membership. Can you tell me the
> thinking behind that?

As Ewa mentioned: We did have a discussion on the psf-vote list,
where all voting members are subscribed, prior to implementing
the change.

Does that answer your question ?

If not, perhaps you could explain what you believe should have
been done and wasn't.

Changes to bylaws are usually implemented by the board. They can
also be put up to vote with the voting members and for larger changes,
the board will generally take that approach.

In this particular case, this wasn't deemed necessary, as the
change only affects the existing sponsor members and there was no
opposition on the psf-vote list, nor from the sponsor members

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