Matthew Dixon Cowles wrote:

>  I will work on making it more obvious in the future. That is all we
>  can do

I'm sorry but it's not completely clear to me what you mean by "all
we can do". Taken literally, that seems to mean that board
resolutions can't be changed. But that doesn't seem likely to be the
case. Do you mean, all that you are personally willing to do? All
that the board is willing to do? Something else?

I personally feel it was more than enough for the board to ask all the existing sponsor members if they care and finding out that indeed they did not. I'm very glad the board finally went ahead and made this change, which should have been made long ago. It makes no sense to ask 200+ people to vote every time there's a potential sponsor for an organization like this. That's a revenue source and shouldn't even be board business, but just routine staff work. It also makes no sense to try to drag disinterested sponsors into a voting role. As long as sponsors are made to pay before they are listed, and it's clear that sponsoring gives them no special rights, then I really don't see a problem.

Anyway, I felt I should speak up as member in support of what the board did, and how it did it.

- Stephan

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