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Agreed. Some of the points listed appear to be things already addressed. Takeshi and I have some feedback on the initial mail, but will wait and provide thoughts on the proposal instead. Looking forward to seeing it.

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OK. There seems to be some disconnect, but I'm fine with waiting for
Domenic's proposal first.

Feras, Takeshi - for the sake of clarity, are you proposing this CfC be stopped? [FWIW, I don't feel strongly either way, although I suspect one could argue that getting some additional exposure and comments could be helpful.]

Feras and Takeshi indicated they would like this CfC to continue, especially since their merged specs include improvements over the FPWD published 14-Feb-2013.

If people have technical comments on the latest ED, please send them to public-webapps and/or file bugs [Bugs].

-Thanks, ArtB

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