From: Arthur Barstow []

> Domenic - Mike Smith mentioned you have worked on a related spec. What is the 
> URL?

We are working on a streams specification which addresses the appropriate 
requirements at

It is still a work in progress, but the most important differences in approach 
and API can be seen. In particular, the extensive Requirements section details 
the problems a streaming API should solve; very few of them are solved by the 
draft this CfC was targeted at.

I will be continuing to work on it throughout the week, as time permits, to 
flesh out more of the ideas that are currently sketches or one-sentence 
summaries, and instead making them complete APIs.

> Also, are you interested and willing to work with Feras and Takeshi on a 
> joint/converged spec in the context of WebApps?

I welcome any input and help from Feras, Takeshi, or any others who wish to be 
involved. I am already getting great feedback and input from many quarters, 
including the Node.js community, the web developer community, a couple 
implementers, and a few editors of related specifications (such as the serial 
port API, the raw socket API, the XHR standard, and the service worker spec). 
Pull requests or discussion in the issue tracker would definitely be welcome, 
as there is much work left to do!

As for *where* the work is done, I will be working within the context of the 
WHATWG to produce this specification. My understanding is that usually the W3C 
picks some point in time to fork WHATWG specifications into W3C ones, changes 
some minor details (such as removing authorship information and changing the 
genders used in examples), then advancing it through the usual 
ED/WD/LCWD/CR/PR/REC track in order to get patent disclosure. I'm very 
interested in ensuring patent disclosure for the streams specification, so I 
hope someone takes on this work, but I do not think it would be a good use of 
my time to do so, as from what I understand there are people at the W3C who 
have this process down to an art.

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