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> I wasn't suggesting anything since I'm not sure what the best way
> would be. It has to be some flag that eventually ends up on an element
> so when you do selector matching you know what subtrees to ignore. If
> you set that flag through a CSS property you'd get circular
> dependencies, but perhaps that can be avoided somehow. Setting it
> through an element or attribute would violate separation of style and
> markup.
> Yeah, these are the reasons I ask - shadowRoot IMO kind of solves these
parts of the problem in really the only sensible way I can imagine, but I
think what you're saying is "it's too much" - and - is there a lesser
thing, something maybe underneath that proposal which just offers this
part.  That's why I say, kind of a "fragment root" of which maybe if we get
to shadow dom it could be a special type of?  I guess you're not proposing
that but I am saying "what about a proposal like that" would it answer your

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