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> I agree that having both style isolation and subtree isolation is
> desirable in some use cases such as Web app widgets.  However, there are
> other use cases for which style isolation without subtree isolation is
> desirable in non-App Web documents.
> - R. Niwa
> Can you share such a case? If you're worried about CSS selectors 'bleeding
through' how do functional selectors not have precisely the same concerns?
I'm not saying it doesn't exist, I'm saying that I am having trouble
envisioning it and would like some more information.  It does seem to me
that both sorts of isolation naturally 'fall out' of simply having a
connector of trees that isn't using parent/child pointers and that most
things would "just work" and be easy to explain (as a thing on its own and
to use to build up higher features) which is an aspect I am having trouble
seeing in nearly all other proposals.  Once again, I'm not saying it's not
there, I'm just asking for someone to explain/show me.

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