> Sure, here are some use cases I can think off the top of my head:
>    1. Styling a navigation bar which is implemented as a list of
>    hyperlinks
>    2. Styling an article in a blog
>    3. Styling the comment section in a blog article
>    4. Styling a code snippet in a blog article
> None of these scenarios require authors to write scripts.
> - R. Niwa
I'm sorry, this might be dense but as use cases go those seem
incomplete.... I believe you intend to illustrate something here, but I'm
not getting it... Is the idea that the nav bar wants to deliver "this is
how I am styled" without interference from the page, potentially through
some assembly on the server or preprocess or something?   Or it is just
like "this is actually really hard to manage" with CSS and here's
potentially a way to make it 'scope' easier?

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