> Pygame's website shouldn't need to explain it in a lot of detail, but it 
> should definitely give developers some information on where to get started. 
> It's an attractive project for people new to Python who may not be familiar 
> with package managers.
Yes, obviously it's not pygames job to explain package managers, but back 
when I started I didn't know a darn about those, so it would be cool to 
have a fairly easy start. 

> We are pretty close to having 'pip install pygame' working on the three 
> major platforms - it should already work today for Linux and Windows, but 
> there are still a couple of hiccups to be sorted out on OSX.
That's awesome!
Together with a link to a "how to install pip" this will make things really 

Another question: As I don't know how often people visit the mailing list, 
I'm not sure about how long I should wait before evaluating the form 
How about a month? Or maybe two or three?

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