First of all, I want to praise you for your passion, persistence, and research. 
That already says you would be a good fit to implement a site that supports and 
grows our community.

> I got another approach. More slowly. More conceptual (hopefully).
> I don't know if this will work and I don't know if this will result in a
> (new) better website, but I'd really like to try it with this awesome
> community.

It’s a broad sketch, and it’s hard to undertstand how that will play out, but 
it could work. I admit that I’m not a professional web developer, so I don’t 
know the best way to build such a site, and then refine it.

I hope you aren’t dissuaded by those who feel that it’s not important, because 
I feel very definitely that it is. Pygame /needs/ a site where a community can 
form around and share our works (like right now!), and where new people can 
understand how to get going and discover Pygame at their speed, using the OS 
that happens to be in front of them. On that last point, I speak for kids who 
want to make games and who don’t get a choice of their OS, in contrast to us 
adult engineers.

I say, go for it. What do you need to begin?

~ Michael 

> >
> > Pygame's website shouldn't need to explain it in a lot of detail, but it 
> > should definitely give developers some information on where to get started. 
> > It's an attractive project for people new to Python who may not be familiar 
> > with package managers.
> >
> Yes, obviously it's not pygames job to explain package managers, but back 
> when I started I didn't know a darn about those, so it would be cool to 
> have a fairly easy start. 
> >
> > We are pretty close to having 'pip install pygame' working on the three 
> > major platforms - it should already work today for Linux and Windows, but 
> > there are still a couple of hiccups to be sorted out on OSX.
> >
> That's awesome!
> Together with a link to a "how to install pip" this will make things really 
> easy.
> Another question: As I don't know how often people visit the mailing list, 
> I'm not sure about how long I should wait before evaluating the form 
> results.
> How about a month? Or maybe two or three?

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