Personally, When I see this topic come up it's always a sort of "Here's my
idea! and then wait for approval to start?". What can be done to empower
motivated people like Alex to just do it?

These kinds of proposals would be much more successful if Alex were able to
come to the mailing list with a fully functioning demo using live data that
could be commented on and iterated on by the community.

My suggestion, is that the site maintainers make available some portion of
the live data and resources to anyone who wants to have a crack at this. I
can see that it has already been started to some degree here:


My question to you is, why does the Pygame website have to be built from
scratch as a custom solution? What features does it have that are not
provided by existing CMSes like Drupal? Would it be better to start with a
system like that and extend it to meet the current use cases? Maybe this is
a terrible idea, but if it isn't I bet it could go a long way towards
making it easier to maintain the site and keep it up to date with modern

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