Gummbum and I didn't like the numpy dependency of ptext, therefore we wrote a pygame only version: pygametext.py

It does the same as ptext but using only pygame as dependency. If you want to be sure, there is also a comparer script that renders the output of both so it can be  compared.


On 07.04.2018 10:33, Daniel Pope wrote:
ptext is very good:


On Thu, 5 Apr 2018, 11:11 René Dudfield, <ren...@gmail.com <mailto:ren...@gmail.com>> wrote:

    What are some awesome libraries for pygame?

      * available via pip
      * documented (with examples, and API docs)
      * generally awesome for some reason (even if not perfect, maybe
        it has potential)

    I'll start with a few...

      * pyscroll <https://github.com/bitcraft/pytmx>. Scrolling maps.
        Fast scrolling images easy.
      * pyTMX <https://github.com/bitcraft/pytmx>. Reads Tiled Map
        Editors TMX maps. Can use a Map editor easily.
      * pyinstaller <https://www.pyinstaller.org/>. Make installers
        for different platforms. Very easy to use to make installers.
      * pymunk <http://www.pymunk.org/en/latest/>. 2d physics library.
        Lots of examples, very well maintained.

    What's awesome or almost awesome?

    ps. I also asked over on the reddit.

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