I'm sure this is Win32 only.

We could even remove the requirement on Win32 by using an alternative service name that we create and destroy as required.
I've opened a Jira issue with a patch for this:

Graham Dumpleton wrote:

I'm a bit confused by:

- The only trick is that you'll have to stop your Apache server before launching the test, as the start/stop command can only apply to one single Apache instance.

Does this apply to UNIX as well as Win32?

I ask as I have never bothered to explicitly shut down any running instance of Apache, yet haven't noticed any problems with running the tests. If this is a Win32 specific instruction, you might want to note it as such. On UNIX systems, where the web server may be doing real work, people may not want to shut it down just to be able to test a new separate version of mod_python that hasn't been installed


On 06/12/2005, at 8:02 AM, Nicolas Lehuen wrote:

Hi David,

To follow my old promise, I've just checked in a bit of documentation on how to run the test suite, including on Win32. I've also added a few self-test in the test module, so that the most obvious setup mistakes are notified to the user.

Here is the documentation, directly from the Subversion repository :


This should eventually be converted to TeX and integrated into the real documentation, but for various reasons this way is the quickest way to put it online. It's much better than the previous README file anyway (it was basically saying "keep out unless you know what you're doing" ;).

Hope this helps.


2005/12/5, David Fraser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

As afar as I can recall, Nicolas Lehuen is the only guy who's been able
to run the tests on win32
Has anybody else been able to? Can we put together some hints as to how
to do it?


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