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> In this discussion yes, but layout aspects can be also
> improved and I suppose special purpose of
> language does not always dictate the layout of
> code, it is up to you who can define that also.
> And glyphs is not very narrow aspect, it is
> one of the fundamental aspects. Also
> it is much harder to develop than good layout, note that.

This discussion is completely and utterly off-topic for this mailing 
list. If you want to discuss changing the world to use your own custom 
character set for all human communication, you should write a blog or a 
book. It is completely off-topic for Python: we're interested in 
improving the Python programming language, not yet another constructed 
language or artifical alphabet:


If you're interested in this, there is plenty of prior art. 
See for example: Esperanto, Ido, Volap√ľk, Interlingua, Lojban. But don't 
discuss it here.

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