Using lambdas doesn't solve the problem. I just kept the example short, but
had I used more than one expression in each function, you'd be back to
square one. You took advantage of the brevity of the example, but it's not

There are lots of language specific features that library authors use, like
operator overloading, ABCs etc...

Python is a great language, and I always opt for it when it's an option,
but I've used it to write front-end code, and it sucks.

-- Carl Smith

On 12 August 2017 at 00:46, Alberto Berti <> wrote:

> >>>>> "Carl" == Carl Smith <> writes:
>     Carl> Python is not a good fit for the browser, in part, because of
> the syntax.
>     Carl> JavaScript has issues, but its syntax is better suited to
> creating GUIs in
>     Carl> the browser.
> Just so?
>     Carl> For example, in browsers everything revolves around a single
>     Carl> threaded event loop, so you have a lot of callbacks and event
>     Carl> handlers,
> You can write applications full of callbacks using libraries like
> Twisted or even asyncio and you can build entire applications involving
> ajax and such without callbacks as JS got async/await too in ES8
> event handlers are written more or less the same in Pyhton or
> Javascript
>     Carl> which makes function expressions really useful, but Python
> doesn't have
>     Carl> expressions that contain blocks, because of significant
>     Carl> indentation.
> yes, i agree that the difference between lambda an anonymous function is
> very significant on the way you may think to write your code.
>     Carl> As a result, ordinary JS, like this...
>     Carl>     $(function(){ $("spam").click(function(){ alert("spam
> clicked") }) });
> I don't think you mean this is real JS application code :-)
>     Carl> ...ends up looking like this...
>     Carl>     def on_ready():
>     Carl>         def click_handler(): alert("spam clicked")
>     Carl>         jQuery("spam").click(click_handler)
>     Carl>     jQuery(on_ready)
> or just
>    jQuery(lambda: jQuery("spam").click(lambda: alert("spam clicked")))
>     Carl> JS semantics means JS libraries, which have APIs that assume JS
> syntax.
>     Carl> Python library developers make heavy use of language specific
> features to
>     Carl> define elegant, Pythonic APIs, which is a big part of what makes
> the
>     Carl> language so nice to use.
> language specific features... like?
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