On 05/17/2014 08:13 PM, Bill Cunningham wrote:
     Does Python have good mathematical capabilities? I am interested in
learning a second language for mathematical purposes. I am considering
looking at python, perl, fortran, Adas out. It looked too complicated to
learn. Perl looked easy and I haven't really looked into python.


Depends on what you mean by mathematics. The language itself has a reasonable set of numeric types and operations on those types, but what really makes Python shine is the libraries built on Python and their capabilities. Beside the several already mentioned, I'll add
    Sage: www.sagemath.org/index.html
which presents a consistent Python interface to nearly 100 OpenSource mathematical packages containing symbolic manipulation of all sorts of algebra, calculus, linear algebra, plotting, rings and groups, and much *much* more.

Gary Herron

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