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> On 2014-05-18, Bill Cunningham <nospam@nspam.invalid> wrote:
>>     Does Python have good mathematical capabilities?
> No.
> It has very good numerical computation capabilities, but it does not
> really do "math" (at least not what a mathemetician would consider
> "math").
>> I am interested in learning a second language for mathematical
>> purposes.
> If you want to do calculations on numbers (integral, real, complex,
> vectors, matrixes), analyze and visualize data (stuff that was
> traditionally done in Fortran), then Python is brilliant.
> If you want to do "math" (as in the study of number theory,
> topologies, proofs, and so on) then no.  Python is not a good choice.

    linear algebra, expanding and factoring equations of all degrees. 



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