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>Somthing I came across in my travels through the ether:

I just bought a new book on Python, since the one I had borrowed from my son
only dealt with Python 2.3, and everyone told me that was old. 

So I bought this book, and decided that whatever version of Python it deals
with, that's the one I will download and use.

The book is:

Cunningham, Katie. 2014. Teach yourself Python in 24 hours.
               Indianapolis: Sams.
               ISBN: 978-0-672-33687-4
                   For Python 2.7.5

I'll leave Python 3.2 on my computer, but 2.7.5 will be the one I'm installing
now. Even if I could *find* a book that deals with Python 3.x, couldn't afford
to but yet another Python book. 

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