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Probably easier, though, is to install Python 3.4 from MacPorts which
does provide its own version of Tcl/Tk 8.6.1, the Cocoa version by
default or optionally an X11 version:

# after installing the base MacPorts
sudo port selfupdate
sudo port install py34-tkinter +quartz

The easiest option would be a downloadable package that would allow the
default python.org 8.5-linked _tkinter to be overridden with an 8.6
version.  There may be some news on that front in the near future.

Many thanks for the quick reply.
I will try the MacPorts version, but I am quite Windows-based (I do the Mac installation for somebody else), so I am not sure how to install all the other packages that we use (NumPy, MatPlotLib, Pillow and maybe something else that I do not recall at this moment...). Last time (for the python.org version of Python) I needed to try out several approached from several sites to succeed finally...

So I will impatiently expect the changes "on that front" and I will hope that they will come till August 2014.

Peter Tomcsanyi


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