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For PNG image support you can load either the Img package which gives support for a large variety of images, or the smaller tkpng package.

My first Google search for
"tkpng" "python"
gave no usable results. So I am not sure if and how can I use these Tk extensions from Python... And finally I want to show the picture(s) on a Tk-based Canvas on top of each other with properly handled semi-transparency.

In our project we want to use as little as possible additonal packages because we expect that the end-users will use several platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and installing any extra Python-related package on non-Windows platform seems to be a nightmare, at least that is the result of the past three months of experience. The need to go to the command line level for such a basic thing like installing or uninstalling something seems to me like going 20 to 30 years back in history. We cannot expect that our end-users (especially the Mac-based ones) will have that expertise even if they have enough expertise to program in Python when it is finally correctly installed on their computers.

For angled text it's right, I don't know, there used to be some hacks before, it's probably not possible in a clean way.

I was actually negatively surprised by the lack of this very basic feature (especially in a vector-graphics-based environment) when I started with Python+Tk a few months ago, so I was very glad to see it in 8.6 and I immediately started using it on Windows. But then I receved complaints from a Mac user that it just does not work...



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