Am 25.06.14 21:26, schrieb Peter Tomcsanyi:
"Christian Gollwitzer" <> wrote in message
may I ask which features of 8.6 you need in particular?

I need two of them:
- Angled text
- PNG image support with alpha channel (even if it seems a bit limited,
particularly I still did not find the way to programmatically set/read
the alpha channel of one individual pixel of the image, but maybe it is
just my inability and a question to another newsgroup).

For PNG image support you can load either the Img package which gives support for a large variety of images, or the smaller tkpng package. After loading these, Tk 8.5 will accept PNG as in 8.6. For angled text it's right, I don't know, there used to be some hacks before, it's probably not possible in a clean way. Glad to see, that you are pushing the adoption of 8.6 ;) (I'm a Tcl-guy)


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