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 "Peter Tomcsanyi" <> wrote:
> Many thanks for the quick reply.
> I will try the MacPorts version, but I am quite Windows-based (I do the Mac 
> installation for somebody else), so I am not sure how to install all the 
> other packages that we use (NumPy, MatPlotLib, Pillow and maybe something 
> else that I do not recall at this moment...). Last time (for the 
> version of Python) I needed to try out several approached from several sites 
> to succeed finally...

MacPorts provides ports for all of those, generally under names like 
py34-matplotlib, py34-Pillow, etc.

> So I will impatiently expect the changes "on that front" and I will hope 
> that they will come till August 2014.

Keep your fingers crossed.

 Ned Deily,


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