Am 26.06.14 14:37, schrieb Christian Gollwitzer:
Am 26.06.14 12:39, schrieb Peter Tomcsanyi:
"Christian Gollwitzer" <> wrote in message
For PNG image support you can load either the Img package which gives
support for a large variety of images, or the smaller tkpng package.

My first Google search for
"tkpng" "python"
gave no usable results. So I am not sure if and how can I use these Tk
extensions from Python...

 On my Mac it came with the OS (I
think); you'll do Tk.eval("package require Img").

Just checked back with my vanilla VM install of Snow Leopard (10.6), that the Img package is installed. So doing this package require Img in case you detect 8.5 should solve your PNG problem on the Mac (you can do "package require Tk" to get the version number). I haven't checked alpha channel, though. For the rotated text there is no good solution. Of course, pushing people to install 8.6 is better:)



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