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As I said, it doesn't have a special interface, you just load it and that's it. So if you do a tk.eval("package require tkpng"), your Tk.PhotoImage will magically recognize PNG.

I will try it on the Mac, but on Windows this does not work (with python.org installation of Python), and I need to have the same environment on both Win and Mac (at least).

On the Mac you can create an APP bundle which contains everything, including extra dependencies.

Thanks for the hint, I may consider it, but maybe it is not applicable to my project where the outcome should be in fact a few modules in Python and the en-users (college students) should program in Python using IDLE and those extra modules. So there is no "Main program" and there will be no "application".
Is an APP budle applicable for such a situation?

Yes this was a long-deferred feature due to its inhomogeneous implementation on the supported platforms. There were some extensions like 10 years ago to do it, but only in 8.6 (2012) it made it into the core Tk.

Thanks for many insights into Tk and your hints.
I will try some of them in next days and maybe later I will come with some more questions.



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