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On 2/12/2018 5:08 PM, Kay Schenk wrote:
> Hello all--
> After working on saving some of our case on the now mostly
> inaccessible TestLink instance, I'm sending out a HELP message!
> Extractions can be done with a guest account.
> If you go to:
> <>
> you can apply for a guest account. After that, once you log in, you
> will see 2 test "projects" related to Apache OpenOffice -- Apache
> OpenOffice testproject (the main one) and, Apache OpenOffice
> testproject2 (mostly Mac related).
> Currently, I have finished extracting cases through the section
> entitled --
> AOO Calc (220) and am going to start on Fidelity (255). We could use
> some additional help on extracting cases in sections past Fidelity --
> Drawing, Impress, Installation, Sidebar, etc.
> If you want to help with case extractions, here are further instructions.
> 1. Choose "Apache OpenOffice testproject", then "Browse Test Cases"
> from the left menu, you will see a tree of test cases (toward the
> bottom of the page and attached to this message).
> Note the total number is 1690. Yes, that's a lot. The number next to
> each element in the tree is the number of cases in a given sub-section.
> 2. Continually expanding each subsection will finally lead to
> individual test case descriptions/instructions. Clicking on an
> individual "case" brings up the actual text of the case (most of the
> time) along with a "Print View" option for each case.
> 3. Use the Print View option to save each case somewhere on your system.
> We will need to discuss further what to do with these  at some point.
> And, if you find a better way to do this -- please let us know.
> -- 
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> MzK
> "Ring out the false, ring in the true."
>  -- poem "In Memoriam", Alfred Lord Tennyson
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